The shortest distance between
“to do” and “done”.

From providing initial marketing research consultations to designing recruitment screeners to hosting, recording and archiving focus group sessions, Intact Qualitative Research is committed to giving you the highest quality and strict adherence to budgets and timelines.

We virtually re-invented the recruiting arena with our distinctive personalized services, encyclopedic reference of consumer demographics and extensive database. And we were one of the first to realize the power of social media

Project Management
There are millions of details when it comes to running a research project. We can manage of all them to provide a seamless experience with maximum results and zero surprises.

Focus Group Hosting
Our 2,000 sq. ft. purpose-built, research loft offers state-of-the-art technology paired with modern comforts in 5 distinct spaces that can be customized to meet your specific needs — from mock trials and usability labs to focus groups and off-site brainstorming/planning sessions.

When it comes to making people feel at home, we didn’t stop at the living room. We made sure our research loft also had a full-service residential-style kitchen that accommodates everything from happy hours with appetizers to complete gourmet dinners. There’s also a wine cooler upstairs that we keep stocked with our favorite regional wines and a full complement of stemware.