Focus Group Hosting


Spaces designed to get to the “aha” moment.

People don’t live behind one-way mirrors. And they won’t cough up their feelings on demand. It takes time and comfort.

That’s why you won’t find any one-way mirrors or even faux-style living rooms here at Intact Qualitative Research. Instead you’ll find 5 distinct yet flexible spaces with modern residential furniture and contemporary accessories in an actual, 2-story loft home. The difference is striking for focus group participants. They feel at home, because in a very real way, they are home. And that’s how we get to the “aha” moment for our clients.

Our purpose-built loft offers:

  • Flexible spaces to fit a variety of research needs including focus groups, mock trials, usability studies as well as breakout and brainstorming sessions
  • Session viewing via high-definition closed-circuit TV
  • Digital audio/video recording
  • Video conferencing using FocusVision technology
  • Web streaming using Streamline Universal technology
  • Easy South of Market access to/from San Francisco International Airport, CalTrains and BART