Who We Are


Richard Ngo

Richard’s middle name is “determination”. He’s very focused on delivering excellence, quality, consistency and energy. His 10+ years of marketing research experience in all capacities (recruiting, project management, facility management) in San Francisco have proven to give Intact Qualitative Research a strong foundation and a great start.

Role: Strategic thinker, big ideas, IQR’s in-house Sommelier.

Previous Experience: Cut his teeth in market research as a Recruiter and Project Manager at Plaza Research in San Francisco and Project Manager for Focus Pointe Global SF (then known as CRA Super Rooms) and Greenberg Studios. Left in 2009 to open up Intact Qualitative Research with his wife and business partner, Minh Ngo.

Impressive Stuff: Runs 7 miles every morning and hasn’t missed a day in the last 4 years – despite being a small business owner, husband and father to 3 daughters under the age of 10.

Personal Stuff: Feels most comfortable being outdoors with a fishing rod in hand, taking on any body of water to produce a catch (especially black bass) that he can then safely release to fight another day.


Minh Ngo

You’ll most likely meet Minh at the start of a project, She’s your go-to-person who’ll make sure you have what you need to succeed. She’s resourceful, detail-oriented and a multitasker with few equals (after all, she’s a mother of 3 daughters).

Role: The person who really gets things done, the “details” person and IQR’s in-house Designer and Cultural Curator.

Previous Experience: Started working at Plaza Research to pay her bills while she was in college. After school she worked at a property management company, designing and furnishing properties and helping temporary, out-of-town clients feel at home as much as possible. Left the workforce to start a family with Richard, then came back after the birth of their second daughter to work with him at Greenberg Studios, managing a recruiting team and clients.

Impressive Stuff: Gave birth to her third daughter, and, with Richard, opened up Intact Qualitative Research, in the same year that their oldest daughter, who was then 4 years old, suffered and survived a life-threatening stroke.

Personal Stuff: Family! Friends! Shoes! Purses! Likes to break out in song occasionally.


Debra Tysall

Debra has never been afraid to move (Birmingham, England, Los Angeles, San Francisco) or change careers (claims adjuster, chef, caterer, copy editor, among others). The personal growth she’s experienced makes it easy for her to cultivate relationships with people over the phone and without consistent face time.

Role: Project Manager, IQR’s in-house Foodie and Astronomer.

Previous Experience: Started out in insurance in Birmingham, England, moving up to become a Senior Loss Adjuster handling multi-million dollar losses. Then went into the food business (catering, hospitality, chef). Moved to the U.S. and did a variety of jobs, including copy editor and segued from there into market research as a research recruiter. Has been with IQR since they opened their doors in 2010.

Impressive Stuff: At home, you’ll probably find her cooking, or watching tennis, or most likely doing both at the same time.

Personal Stuff: Has been a Manchester United fan since she was a teenager and a tennis fanatic for even longer.



Like most key employees, Shiloh was heavily recruited. Richard and Minh searched high and low for her, driving over 7-hours round trip to pick her up from a Siberian Husky rescue group on the day they found out she was available. She’s in the office on most days, but not during focus group sessions because clients generally find themselves wanting to play with her, rather than work.

Role: IQR’s in-house, four-legged therapist. The perfect tonic for anyone having a “ruff” day.

Previous Experience: None to speak of, but she did play well with her other litter mates, proving at an early age less bark and more wag is the key to success.

Impressive Stuff: You know those bumper stickers that say ”My dog is smarter than your honor student”? Shiloh is all that and a bag of dog biscuits. Richard’s video of his youngest child taking her through her training exercises when Shiloh was just 2 months old has received over 1.3 million views. Oh, and then there’s the fur. The office Roomba gets a workout.

Personal Stuff: Play! Fetch! Roll over! Repeat!